CETT Featured in Trenchless Technology Canada

In it's 2014 Special Edition, Trenchless Technology Canada published an article entitled Education Key to Market's Growth focusing on the future of the trenchless construction industry in Canada.The piece interviews CETT Director, Dr. Alireza Bayat, along with several other industry experts concerned with the growth and development of the industry. The portion in which Dr. Bayat was featured highlighted the consortium's commitment to education and awareness and how the efforts of CETT researchers are contributing the industry's expansion. 

"Overall education and knowledge behind each of these (trenchless technologies) needs to grow and grow at the same pace as the technology grows" ~ Dr. Bayat, Trenchless Technology Canada 2014 Special Edition

The article carries on to discuss the current state of the industry, addressing the need for comprehensive education to accommodate the projected growth of the industry and to ensure that professionals are selecting the most appropriate and effective methods when it comes to construction projects.

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